(Boulder, Colorado)

“Plant Inspiration was born from a desire to help more people enjoy the benefits of plants, especially in urban environments. For a few months, I worked on a Share-a-Plant app until a friend asked what my life would look like if this app developed. It hit me – more daily computer time. It was winter 2015 and I wanted less. This put me in a reflective mode and I looked over at a white plastic pot that my plant was in, “wow that’s ugly”. Then I went into my kitchen and examined (hard to admit this) my macramé hanging plant and thought “wow that’s even uglier, almost disrespectful to the plant!” This started an exploration of what was available for interior decorating with plants. I quickly discovered that the aesthetically pleasing planters were expensive and impractical, while the planters with functionality were boring or unattractive, usually both. I set out to create a planter with form and function. These planters would need to showcase the plants as living art and do everything that I wanted them to. After three months of cardboard and duct tape, the planters were ready for steel.”