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It's no secret that being a mom is hard. It's also no secret that balancing a small business and motherhood is no easy task. However, to hear Chatti Brown, owner of Remy and Rose, speak about the balance of raising her daughter and running a business, is rather inspiring. 

"Iris [her daughter] made me more playful, "said Brown. "There's just so much joy. Everything is new."

While her full time passion title is "mom", her other passion is Remy and Rose, an all natural cold process soap company she started here in Denver, CO. The inspiration for the shop came from the fact that her California skin wasn't used to the dry Colorado air. (Amen.) So after many trials, an encouraging husband and tons of soap batches, her little shop was born. Looking back on that time, Brown dropped this golden nugget of truth.

She thought to herself, "If I fall. I fall."

That might be the best part about Brown, her willingness to be vulnerable and creative. Her soap company is something special because all of her products are born from the desire to create and try.

"I was always adding rose petals to lotions growing up and using aloe to shampoo my hair," said Brown. The declared "hippy" of her family.

If anything, her daughter just makes the whole process of owning a business even better. She can't wait for Iris to grow up so that she can teach her about the garden, nature, take her hiking and teach her not to waste. But caring for Iris and her company is certainly not without challenges. 

"I'm sad that Iris will be going to daycare three times a day," said Brown. "But it's ok to set boundaries. I've started making soap at night and I have to be extremely good about communicating with TJ [her husband]."

This notion of communication and intentionality is what ultimately helps Brown run a successful business and maintain a health work-life balance. 

"Your business won't be healthy, if you aren't healthy," she said. 

And for Brown, health comes from taking long mediative walks and painting with acrylics to further feed her creative side. Brown said that if this chapter of her life was a season, it would be spring - everything is blossoming, evolving and changing. Since having a daughter, Brown has learned to be more intentional with her time, life and company.  

But having a daughter has also opened her up to a life she had lost sight of. 

"When you get older you forget all the little joys, when you have a child they get excited over everything," Brown said. 




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