Make Any Space Cozy

Written By: Anne Herring


Fall is here! The mornings are chilly, and the leaves are turning yellow. We’ve got the perfect P.F. Candle Co. candle to help you bring the outdoors in! An easy way to add warmth, candles also make any space cozy. Whether you are lighting one to make your house more inviting for guests or you are simply lighting one for yourself, these fall themed candles are anything but basic. Shop Candles!


Smokey Notes - Campfire

Nothing says fall like a good campfire and this candle is almost as good as one. Think warm vanilla and piney notes with just a hint of firewood. S’mores would be the only thing that would make this candle better.


Leather and Citrus Notes-Teakwood and Tobacco

There’s something about fall that just makes us want to cozy up in a deep leather chair and read all afternoon. This candle evokes that feeling even when we can’t be curled up with our favorite book. Plus it smells kind of sexy, which makes it a hit with both guys and gals.


Forest Adventure notes- Spruce

This candle smells like clean, crisp air with just a hint of citrus to brighten it up. Fresh and invigorating, this scent is perfect to burn as winter gets closer. It reminds us of those super cool fall days where life just seems right and good.






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